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Friday, May 14, 2004

out of nowhere

I had a haircut today. I thought it was a bit early to have one, but my schedule up until the Hokkaido trip seemed a little tight, so my will of having the best possible pics taken on the trip brought me to the beauty salon. I wonder if anyone will

Anyway, I cleaned up my receipts yesterday night; something which I haven't done for a while and I happened to notice something which really surprised me. I have this custom of keeping the receipts of pricey purchases(1000 yen~) in the top drawer of my desk. Whenever my wallet is stuffed with receipts, I classify the receipts by the amount of purchase. After that, I keep the ones with a comparatively larger sum.

Well, for some reason while I was doing this routine, I started thinking back of what I have purchased in the past 6 months. Clothings, shoes, tote bag, movie tickets, museum/observatory ticket, confectionery, restaurants, A LOT of Starbucks, DVDs from, live, flowers, JR's Suica charges and stationaries. At this point, I was already like..."Woah!". Now with all the receipts laid out on my bed, I started calculating the approximate amount of the spending I have done. The result was totally screwed!
First, I started adding the receipts related to fashion.

xxxx + xxxxx + xxxxx + .... = ....!!!!!?

My first comment was something like "Huh!?" The sum was way over my highest possible income of the past 6 months.

Monthly allowance x 6 + the earnings from work + "otoshidama" - the added sum of clothings = below zero.

Where the heck did this balance come from? What surprised me even more was that this was still the sum of fashion related goods. I kept on adding the amount written on all of the goods I listed above and the "actual" sum was like WAAAAA--------------------Y surpassing the income.

Things may appear out of thin air on some occasions, but I believe that no matter how weird things can get, money would be like the last thing appearing. How was it possible for me to afford these? Maybe I should contribute this case to some institution for further study...jk


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