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Saturday, November 01, 2008


4 months have passed since my last entry. i am becoming unable to make a constant effort to continue things, even though there are countless thoughts and ideas whirling within me.

lately, i have been working hard with the following matters:

1. graduation thesis
2. preparation for my employer
3. part-time job at a consulting firm

the clock is ticking and i must finish my thesis for graduation. although i have chosen a topic that should become useful for my operations next year, my motivation toward seminar is dragging down my interest toward that topic. this dilemma is also weighing my will down as well.

to be honest, i really don't care about the effect of taxation against financial instruments, but on the other hand, my knowledge toward accounting is insufficient to make any personal judgments to my potential clients next year and the existence of 2 parallel rules within these 2 are making things complicated.

my personal study toward my employment next year is #2. i have purchased various books that should relate to my work next year: books on corporate analysis, bond investment strategies, financial management, how to read securities filings, strategies to get new clients, and so on. i have yet to actually start reading these books, but i hope my views on this subject are accurate.


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