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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

That's the secret to life...replace one worry with another...
- Charles M. Schltz

This is what some famous comic writer quoted in the past. Like most people, I don't want to live a life filled with worries, although that wish seems to be impossible to be granted.

As some people may know, I am a very optimistic person and this optimism has helped me overcome many obstacles in the past. Thankfully, in most cases, I was able to accomplish my goal and that lead to my current status.

With graduation upcoming in 148 days and economic anxiety filling the air, the pressure of my responsibility at my employer is getting heavier. All the meaningless "what if"s continuously spur out of my mind and this situation is quite disturbing, because I know it's just meaningless to fear what probably won't happen. Still, the current, mostly economic, turmoil has the power to make me, an optimist, think too much about unnecessary risks.

In order to become more tolerable to this fear, I have set 3 goals to myself.

1. Obtain the tools necessary to start my career as a salesperson of financial instruments. Specifically, I would

a. be able to read and understand financial statements quickly and thoroughly.
b. be always aware of the rapid changes ongoing in the industry
c. gain my own perspective on investment in fixed income
d. earn techniques to gain potential customers
e. ...and through this process, don't forget the beginner's sight toward the financial world, so you would be able to explain financial instruments using normal Japanese, not financial Japanese.

2. Become more humorous and courteous to set the foundations to be an enjoyable salesperson.

3. Experience a minor setback and learn how to overcome it with effectiveness and efficiency.

These are all difficult tasks with no "correct" answers, like in schools. Especially, 2 and 3 are really difficult because I need actual experience with these matters. My advantage is that I have a lot of skills in English and office computing, with some knowledge within goal 1.

I don't know why I am writing this kind of "blue" blog entry, but bear with me. For the time being, along with these 3 goals, I would really like an additional 100,000 Yen, so I can fly abroad once again, consuming the best time period of my life more effectively, with fun and excitement.

Any investment toward me is appreciated.


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