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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

back to school...sort of

Even though I fought so hard against my drowsiness, my chemistry class was not taking place this morning for some unknown reason. I did check the university website this morning, confirming how chemistry class was NOT cancelled today. You know how difficult it is to get yourself up at 6 on a winter morning...damnit.

Nevertheless, the reason why I didn't know the chemistry class being closed today is probably because of lack of my attendance. So, I researched my exam schedule and made a timetable based on it. On 2nd period, I contacted my friends and joined them in their psychology class, learning how blood type based characteristic tests are scientifically wrong.

During lunch, my friends and I joined some more of my classmates in the cafeteria and had a lot of fun talking about variety of stuff. My school day continued on to 3rd period with geography and 4th period with constitution, obtaining adequate amount of knowledge through these classes.

After school, I went to my driving school. I'm struggling to graduate this money eating, time consuming institution where I must go to get my driver's license. I missed the course twice today during my driving "lesson" today...what a shame.

Although I did so crappy driving-wise, I had a nice, enjoyable day back in school, seeing a lot of my friends on campus. I wish tomorrow will be just as good a day. Au revoir!


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