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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


It's HERRRRRE! An alien is getting off it's mothership on the transfer beam, carrying a...huh? A guitar. Excuse me for the dumbness. Well, it's imaginable, right?

Back to the topic. Today, I went to the Yokohama Arena in Shin-Yokohama district to go watch my classmate's performance in the finals of the Yokohama High School Music Festival (a.k.a. YHMF) with the 6F gang.

The song he played there, which is called "Blue Moon" when translated, was modified greatly from the version he performed at his live in May. The intro was extended, some interludes were added, and above all, he didn't miss. We all left after his performance, so his evaluation is yet to be heard, but his style differs from all of those common rock bands that played before him, therefore, I think he has a chance in getting one of the awards set for the competition. Good luck to Mikito!


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