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Sunday, August 08, 2004

welcome to jimbaran

After 7 and a half hour long flight, we landed safely in Denpasar. It was already around 10 at night. The airport's design was genuine "Balinese", and it had a lot of Hindu or Balinese sculptures designed all around the terminal building.

I think it is normal to become a bit worried when you sight people you normally don't see, which in this case are the Balinese people. Then look different, then speak a language you don't understand...and so on. Well, I was until I came to the immigration counter. The officer guy looked at my passport, and said
"This isn't you.", smiling.
The photo used on my passport was taken 4 years ago, and yes I did change a lot from then. But I was able to see their sense of humor there, because normally, immigration officers are emmotionless, and they definiately don't give out jokes to people. We had a small conversation from his indication, and my strain was cooled off greatly.

The hotel's driver awaited us at the airport, and we were driven to the hotel. After we got to the hotel, we examined our room, and went straight to bed.


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