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Friday, August 06, 2004

misbehaving pcs

Today was our first editing day. Could it be anymore exciting...well, it was, until I found out that those marvelous PCs mankind has invented is not as nice as we've thought. It took us the whole morning to just capture the movie data from the tape. What can you expect, it took us the whole afternoon to chop those captured data into convinient pieces.

This is our first project we plan on editing. A lot more still awaits on the "ToDo" list. I wish the experience gained from today will be useful in the future editing related projects, such as the ethics video. lol

From today's work, we were able to cut off the needed part from the other useless footages. The total data size was about, isn't it? We booked the machine again on the 17th to actually start making the clip we plan on airing. The content? Please look forward to it. lol

Last, but not's MIP(Most Impressive Person) was either "the girl who was clicking her tongue, whenever the PC didn't meet up with her desire", or was "the girl who was making an appearance in the CM from the 4th grade". If you're seeing this by any chance, yes it's you.


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