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Friday, July 30, 2004


As the pic above shows you, the fireworks display did take place today. The weather forecast was a bit unstable, but it didn't rain at all. The fireworks were fabulous, and I had a wonderful time with it and everyone who came. This year was the 50th anniversary of my city, and the amount of fireworks launch was about 1.5 times more than an average year, plus the donated finale. Well, the naming of the starmines were a bit lame, but the contents of them were fantastic. Especially, the donated finale, supposedly costing 5 million yen, was eye-popping. This pic is showing the finalest part of the finale. We promised we are going again last year, with some seaside fun prior to the fireworks.

Whats more, I was able to think positive about the weather, and indeed the weather stayed relatively stable thoughout the day. I'm hoping today will be the turning point. Thank you guys, and all the personnels who made this great show a reality!

Oh yeah. I will never trust the forecast made by the Meteorlogical Agency again, ever. Although the turnout was good, their forecast was sooooo off!w


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