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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

choosing the snip

I wasn't able ot accomplish anything today, AGAIN...this lazyness has got to go somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm a type of a guy, who's easily dipped into the spiral of lazyness, once the vacation starts. I'll sware, I'm going to finish at least two of my assignments tomorrow; Mr. L.'s chronicles and...what else? lol

I did give some consideration on my thesis today though. I believe people are beginning to write their theses by now, but I'm still examining the snip, or the perspective of the thesis that I'm going to use to write. My topic is on Narita International Airport; how its usage can be improved. I've been reading and researching its background, and history, along with the backgrounds on the similar sized airports worldwide. However, the more I research, the topic is becoming more and more difficullt, and less realistic.

Currently, I have thought up of two candidate perspectives. One is on the improvement of the airport facilities. The other is on improvement of airport services, and decreasement of the landing fees, accompanying the privatalization. The former is preferable, since the topic is more interesting for me to reseach, although the corroboration of my "theory" is very difficult, because of the land problem the airport drags. If the land acquisition is completed, the corroboration will be easy, since I'll be able to use the numbers and calculations published already, which can be used as a stable evidence for the development of my thesis. The latter, will be based on the statistics, calculations and comparisons. This perspective will be easier to prove, since there already is a sample case, but it will be more difficult to write, because of its economical features, and my lack of interest.

Which one will be chosen? I'm currently leaning on the latter choice...I don't want take any chances on this. Even with the perspective chosen, I still carry this major issue, which goes along not only with this project, but anything Japanese in the future...kanji, and sentence structure...oh bummer.


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