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Monday, July 19, 2004

end of their journey...

For the first time in my life, also likely going to be my last, I went to watch our baseball club's game in Yamato Hikichidai Fields today. The weather was sunny/partly cloudy, 35C, with a humidity of 70%. A practical summer day in Japan, which makes the best environment for the national high school baseball tournament, heading for Koushien. Our school was doing well for the past two games, winning a "called" game, twice in a row.

I was quite impressed by their game. The result was...unfortunate, but their defense was great. Well, it's an amatuer's comment, so it lacks reliability, was an unforgettable experience, even for me. Also, as a first timer, the cheering and its unique culture was very fresh for me, and I was able to enjoy, and inspire at the same time. I probably won't have much chance in joining this special event...but I think I was able to make another great memory of my high school age.

Last, but not least. Thank you guys, for a great game!!!!


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