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Saturday, July 17, 2004

an unexpected income

Today, I was "hired" by my friend, who was asked by his grandparents to go get them this "thing" in Tokyo. We were given "a big allowance", and off we went to Tokyo. After hours of looking, comparing, picking, and carrying, we successfully accomplished our mission. We stayed at his grandparents', and assembled the parts we bought into the final product. The "thing", that is composed of parts, and costs a few hundred thousand've got the answer.

I was able to finish the product within the day, and I was proud of myself for the accomplishment. Unfortunately, the LCD display we bought had a primary failure, and was like "where's the picture?". Come on! On TV ads, you always say "Ekisho no Sharp"(For LCDs, Sharp), which was like the main reason of our choice. I swear I'll never buy Sharp's displays again, ever. lol We were able to finish up till the installation of Windows XP. This task finished my work for today. Although I still had a lot more settings and installations to actually get the PC on track, his grandparents dismissed me for the day, since it was already quarter past 7.

The unbelievable part was that, his grandparents actually paid me for the day's work. I'm not going to touch on the specific amount, but it was quite fulfilling, and I thought "Hey, I could work in this field sometimes." Well, I'm not experieced enough...yet, but I believe this field still has a lot of potential left for students, longing for a comparably high income. I'd better begin brushing up my techniques for the future!


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