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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


This is a screenshot of my desktop. The software shown with it's silver-gray frame is called iTunes. As many of you may know, I am a "proud" iPod user (lol), and this software is used for synchronization. Whatever songs I add on to this software's library is automatically transmitted to my iPod anytime I connect it on to my PC. This application can also be used as an jukebox software, meaning that I'm able to play the songs on my PC using this.

Currently, I've registered 1644 songs on the library. My music loving nature has made me listen to music simultaneously whenever I'm doing something on my PC for quite a while, but this new feature added on the newest version of iTunes is really awesome! The software randomly picks 50 songs off your library, and plays them for me automatically. 1644 is a large number and therefore, I have a lot of songs I don't even remember adding. This mode helps me remember some of the great songs lying deep inside my collection. One of the song which came on today was "She" by Elvis Costello. This song was featured in the movie "Notting Hill", and was used in the climax. I just love the sweet melody this song retains. The lyrics are great too! I wonder why I am admiring this type of's not like...nah, I lack the truthfulnes, integrity, and honesty to say anything straight. Well, it's all up to your imagination! Try listening to it, if you ever have the chance to. You'll love it!

p.s. The movie itself is really heartwarming also. A must see!


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