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Thursday, July 08, 2004

the "tanabata" festival

Today, was the "tanabata" festival! I've never enjoyed this event in the past 2 years, but this year, it was quite enjoyable, due to the enthusiasm I was able to bring along with me to the event.

The quiz team did quite well on the first round; we moved onto the second round without going through any of the "loser-revival" rounds. Google helped us out greatly, although I believe the teamwork was the main element that gave us the strength necessary for this achievement! :-) Second round on the other hand, even though we were close enough to advancement, all of the uncontrolled, disordered "kiddies" cooled down my team and I, which made us conclude that we went far enough to meet our desires. What if we continued on? Maybe we would've been the memorable champions of the 1st annual quiz rally...wait a minute! The team name was too embarassing to be engraved on the winning trophy. lol But I had fun! Thanks for the "surprise" registration!

After I retired the quiz rally, I went along with this group of "2 Rui" guys to this famous ramen place. Although the temperature today was around 35C, all of us ordered normal ramens, and finished the every last bit of it. Yes, I was close to evaporation, but as everyone says, the ramen there was delicious!

Then, after fulfilling our stomaches, we all went back to school, and watched the stage lives from 1 p.m. Nevertheless in different groups, couple of my classmates went on the stage, and performed band songs and a ca pellas. I thought they did well, despite the harshness of the environment of the gymnasium. Subsequently, I continued on hanging out with these guys, by going on seeing the acting club's performance. Due to my misunderstanding, I was only able to see the last 5 min. or so...but from my observation, I think they did well. I hope they will be able to receive high evaluation on the prefectural tournaments.

Lastly, we went back to the gymnasium and saw the last two performances written on the program. In spite of the heat and exaustion, I was able to enjoy my final "tanabatasai" without regrets. Another page of my high school life has turned today...


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