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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

the freedom tower

Yes, I've totally forgot about mentioning the news about the "Freedom Tower". The cornerstone of the building was placed yesterday in New York, declaring the beginning of the constrution. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, Governor Pataki of New York, and Governor McGreevey of New Jersey attended the ceremony. Freedom Tower is the name of the tower, which is being built on the former site of the World Trade Center building.

What's interesting is that the tower is "1776 feet" tall, and the Lower Manhattan Development Coporation began the construction on the Fourth of July. Notice something? Also the name of the tower too, but this is like a pure perfection of American patriotism...I wonder what everyone is thinking in their minds about this assertation the conductor trying to make in this. I like the design of the new tower, slick and futuristic. Anyone willing to volunteer to make one of those in Tokyo too? Unlikely...sigh.


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