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Saturday, July 03, 2004

i wonder

1210 Personal Note
I'm eager to find out how many people in my grade are actually continuing to blog, now that they aren't "assigned" to anymore. Even though I had tremendous rejection towards it when it was first assigned, I guess I prefer blogging, as a daily English exercise kinda thing. Well, I do get tired of things easily...hope this new "routine" will last longer than most of the ones in past. lol

Today, I went to the home applience store with my father and bought our first digital camera: an IXY 500. We hope it will operate hard for us, upon our visit to Bali this summer. After we came home, I watched two peculiar movies that I rented on Fri. at the Tsutaya's half-price campaign. Usually, I go to Tsutaya with my friend Yuta, choose comedies together, and sublease them to each other. The reason why the category is limited is because Yuta is "allergic" to thrillers, suspense, and horror. We were planning on going together on Fri. as usual, but since he had an important appointment, I went alone, seeking for a chance to rent some movies, which I am usually not able to choose.

I was longing to borrow some classics, such as "Roman Holiday" and "Breakfast At Tiffany's", but the campaign brought out all of their stock. So, I deceided to borrow two "odd" award-winning movies, which I posted their title screens above. One is "Pi", and the other is "Das Experiment" or "Es" in Japanese. "Pi" is about this mathmatician who believes in and is searching for a formula, which explains every matter in our universe. "Das Experiment" is about an experiment, where 12 people are hired to act out warder and prisoner. They were both quite interesting, and did meet up to my expectations.

This rental did get those two movies off of my "wish list", but I still have 14 more movies I'm interested in. They are 2001 : A Space Odyssey, About Schmidt, As Good As It Gets, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Bruce Almighty, Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Down With Love, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Good Girl, Legally Blonde 2, Roman Holiday, Schindler's List, and Tron.(Yes, I missed the Close Encounter, which was onair a couple of days ago...bummer) If you, by any chance posess any of these movies on DVD, PLEEZ lend it to me! Thank you in advance! :-)


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