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Sunday, July 04, 2004

test -> (anticipated) aftermath

The cell phone which I have been using since last March, FOMA P2102V is acting strange recently. Whenever I close it's "clamshell", the handset restarts itself and asks me for the password necessary to "boot up" its software. This is REALLY annoying, since I use my cell phone for various purposes in my daily life; as a phone, mail, watch, memo, todo list, calculator and so on. Maybe it's time for a renewal...but, I do not have the fund indispensable for it.

The handset I pasted on today's post is a FOMA F900iT. As some of you may know, I have an attribution toward new technologies, which brought me to purchase FOMA when it was first released, and iPod before anyone else in my school even identified it. My next target is F900iT. It features a touchpanel integrated screen, meaning you are able operate the phone by pressing the screen directly with a "pen-like" stylus. Also, it features a fingerprint security, which I assume is going to be handy, since I disgust entering 4-digit password everytime I receive something on e-mail. Yes, like every other handsets on the market today, it features a QVGA screen, mega-pixel camera, i-Appli, 64 chord ringtone, and so on. But these new technologies bundled with this new handset really tickles my materialism.

I am planning on asking my grandparents for financial aid, IF my test scores meets up their expectations. IT WILL!!! I mean, I THINK IT

p.s. I saw Makiko Tanaka, a House of Representatives lawmaker from the Democratic Party in Yokohama today. The general election is coming in a week. I hope every voter will put in their precious votes in to make this society better!


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