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Monday, July 12, 2004

withdrawal symptom

Arrrgh! The boredom today has made me watch the last 10 episodes of "FRIENDS", which I was planning to save until the Season 8 DVDs were released in the States. I've been addicted to "FRIENDS" ever since...I dunno, a while ago. lol Although the broadcast has ended in May, DVDs are only released up to Season 7, which was aired in 2000-2001 in the States. From this, the scenes inside these episodes do include the Twin Towers. Yes, I've purchased all of the DVDs currently available in the States; Seasons 1-7 and the Finale DVD. What? You're telling me I should watch the finale? You must be kidding! I can't just skip 3 years of plot just to calm my symptom down. Things must be in order, right? lol

I do realize that the Season 8 DVDs are already released here in Japan, but the price is so fraudulent. I mean, on, they sell them at around 30 bucks per season. But here, you need to pay additional 50-60 bucks in order to complete a single season. Unfortunately, the logic that I've wrote in April is also working on DVDs, along with the CDs. It's not like I can't afford to buy the Japanese versions, but I just can't pay additional money for the unnecessary Japanese subtitle, additional PV crap and stuff. It's too wasteful.

Warner Bros. and NBC! Can't you see how people are frenzy over "FRIENDS", not only in the States/Canada, but worldwide? You wan't profit? I'll give you profit! Just please release additional seasons, before I go insane...pretty pleeeeeeeeez!!! :-(


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