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Sunday, July 11, 2004


Nothing special happened today. I just stayed home, slept, took a nap, dozed off, and snoozed. lol

There was the Upper House election today, and the Democratic Party is making a good fight against the Liberal Democratic Party. It's not that I support the Democratic Party, but I assume that the current political balance of power is unbeneficial for Japan, since the ruling parties are having too much power in the Diet, making them too oppressive when making new policies or laws. An ideal balance, I believe is for ruling coalition to have close to, but less than half of the seats. This system would prevent the ruling parties to force the bills through the parliament, like in the cases of the pention bills last year.

Japanese politic is moving torwards two-party system. This would balance the power distribution, bringing on more logical, beneficial debates in the parliament, and a possible cabinet change. What will the new admininstration do for us? This question is answered only from the ballots the voters place in these elections. The current poll rate is too low in this country. Election is a major factor of your life. It's decision will effect your life from various directions, and I can't understand why people are giving away their votes on a matter this large...gradually, the results are coming out. These new lawmakers are going to shoulder one factor of this nation's future...good luck to them all!


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