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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

il fait chaud!!!!!

It was HOT today, as you may already see from the title. Additional heat rising from the asphalt and originating from the outdoor units of A/Cs has brought up the temperature to somewhere between 36C - 40C. Whatever the temperature was today, it was way too hot for me to bear...phew!

Coincidentially, I was able to reconfirm this thing, which I've been feeling the past few summers today. My school is located in this...let's say rural "inland", and I live in a seaside city in Kanagawa. Whenever I get off the train at the station nearest to my house, I've always felt that the city I live in is cooler than the area my school is located.

Sea breeze? Probably. There actually is this breeze, blowing continually in my hometown. I've learned in middle school that during the day, wind blows from the sea the land, and the opposite happens during nighttime. From my experience, I assume this information is in fact, a fact. lol But my modernized lifestyle has made air conditioning my best option for relaxation. I actually may contribute to global warming and heat island effects...oh well.

Another thing. The Meteorological Agency announced today that the "Tsuyu" or the rainy season has ended in the Kanto Region today. Hooray or bummer, is yet to be decided. Although the amount of precipitation was supposedly half the amount compared to an average year, the resevoirs have enough water reserved, right? Water restriction sucks! Well, it's probably bearable compared to the electricity restriction of last year.


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