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Sunday, July 18, 2004

in a desperate need of...

Because of yesterday's "job", I've decided to re-setup my PC, reinstalling Windows XP and the applications. This procedure took a big role in extending my 4-year old PC's life. Now, my PC is working a bit nimble. Another influence of yesterday's job; it has promoted my demand for a new PC. I've been saying to myself that I have my parents' promise of buying me a new laptop PC, upon my recommendation/advancement into the faculty of my choice. 4-year old PCs, in my mind, are equivalent to 60 in human scale. It's time for retirement! The only element that is preventing the peaceful retirement of my DELL Dimension 4100 is fund, which is insufficent for the generation change.

I'm in a desperate need of CASH, and in a big quantity too. My allowance, which is 10000 yen/month is sufficent for my everyday life and clothes. The clothes that I usually buy are around 5000yen - 20000 yen a piece, so with "smart" management in place, I am able to afford them. However, in PC's case, since they cost around 100000 - 200000 yen, it'll take years for me to accomplish this goal.

So, I have been thinking about my neccesity to work for a while now and simultaneously, I have been searching though the classified ads, which comes in the papers unperiodically. Whenever I find something interesting, there's either one or both of these two requirements, which prevents me from calling them.

1. Must be a college student, older than 18.
2. Must work 4-5 times a week.

The fact that I was born in January automatically gets that job out of my list, since it's impossible for me to fraud my student ID. The second requirement is more loose, but realistically, it is impossible for me to work more than 2-3 times a week. Aren't there any job offerings, which accept high school students, let me work flexibly, and pay me 20000 yen a month? Not in this area, which brings me back to the McDonalds work I did over the winter. The problems are...I dislike the oiliness you have after making hamburgers, and their pay is comparably low. How should I deal with this rip work or not to work? Hmm...

p.s. Some good(?) news for God's sake! Since we weren't able to book ourselves a direct flight back from Bali, we are making a surprise visit to Singapore, for a day! After all, the location is different, but our trip south is extended a day and what's more, we are going to visit multiple nations! Hallelujah! lol


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