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Thursday, July 22, 2004

a relatively active day

I was able to "build up" a relatively active day today, by giving myself objectives to accomplish. The only way to crush boredom, I believe is to make appointments yourself. So for today, I

A. made a visit to the city library, to find myself some more resources neccesary for the thesis.
B. went to the bookstore to get the application form and the textbook for the "Eiken" Level 1, which I'm planning on taking in October.
C.cycled around the beach to snap some photos, and to find the best location for the fireworks.

First, objective A. I knew that the city was rebuilding the library, but since I can't wait till its completion, I decided to go to the old one. My comment...small! Its size was comparable to the media center of our cute! The good part was that I was able to find myself additional books related to the thesis. It was like..."the little engine that could". lol

Secondly, objective B. There are 3 comparatively large bookstores in the downtown, and although I looked through all of these bookstores, I was not able to find a textbook compatible with level 1. Is it because of the location I live in, or is it the season? The application forms are accepted from 8/1, so a week or two will probably bring in those

The final objective, was the cycling. Today was a bit cooler, compared to past week. The reason I decided to go off to the sea was not only the weather, but also from the likeliness of my classmates' visit here on the 30th for the fireworks. I asked all of restaurants by the sea for their reservation status. Well I guess everyone has the same idea...I wasn't able to book any of the restaurants, since they were either full or not accepting reservations on the day of the fireworks. I was able to snap some nice pics though, which I pasted on along with today's post.

I'll be away until the 24th. See you on the 25th!


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