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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

l'ete est ici

Summer vacation has begun. My first day...nothing! I was asleep up till 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and my scheduled plan for today, which was to go off to the beach, to do some reading/examination on my graduation thesis, was ruined from the gradual appearance of clouds. As a matter of fact, it did rain a bit in the afternoon, so it was a clever choice, although I wasn't able to accomplish anything today. I'll make this attempt again tomorrow, since the forecast seems fine for now. Another thing. In case my classmates come over to see the fireworks on the 30th, I'd better prepare for their arrival, by making a research on matters such as the location for the sighting. So far, I've been able to fill in plans for 22-25 of July. Hopefully, this habit will continue on, until the "back to school".

I've seen that many of my classmates have actually begun their graduation thesis...unbelievable. In my case, I haven't even read the minimal amount of resources I've gathered...I presume the road is rough ahead. I'm not sure whether I'll actually be able to "construct" proper Japanese, especially with the "kanjis" I must exercise in order for completion. Maybe I'm in a bind...better be more easy going, but not too much.

Other than the theses, I'll have to write a report on Japanese history, home economics, and work on the project I've planned on doing for Mathmatics. Some vague ideas are in my mind already for all of these assignments, but I must add them on with more specific and accurate information for realization. If possible, I would really like to finish them off before my visit to Bali. I'd better head off to libraries to collect resources on "Narita Airport", "Tokaido", and "New York"...see you there.

One last thing, my grades. I was not able to reach the goal I've set for this semester, and I'm pretty disappointed about it. My first steps toward my new goal set for the 2nd semester are these assignments given over the summer. I'll make an 120% effort into all of them, and will not repeat the regret I've had this semester...again.


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