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Saturday, July 24, 2004

japanese summer

It wasn't too big of a deal but, I visited my grandparents for a night, to shop in the downtown of their hometown. I assume most people has this image in their minds that grandparents usually live in a place, rural or urban, that is located far from where their children live. However in my family's case, they live in this particular city in Tokyo; just an hour drive away.

5 years are about to pass since my family's return to Japan...yet, my image of Japanese summer still lays in Machida. When we lived in the States, we were granted a month-long return to Japan every other year. During our return, we stayed at my grandparents, since our house was lent. Since the season we were permitted to go was limited to summer, my vivid images of Japan then are still burnt in my mind. It may sound weird, but Japan was like a whole different world for me then. I remember being surprised about the cars driving on the left, instead of the right. The moments I had and observations I made in those returns were fabulous and family was welcomed by whoever we met, and I was "taken great care of" by my grandparents. I guess great memories are the most difficult ones to disappear. The future of this "image" depends on the amount of fabulous experiences I may have in the future...then, my image of Japan in summer, should be "updated" to the one I'm experiencing, or will experience in the future.

p.s. I've spent another...well whatever yen on these two goods. A "Skyumbrella" from MoMA, shown on the left and sunglasses designed by "Hugo Boss" on the right. Currently, I'm fine financially. What about next month...well, I guess I'll think about it next month. lol


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