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Sunday, July 25, 2004

this and that

My class's so called "culture festival people" gathered together for our first time at Mikito's house today, to discuss the culture festival project planning for the summer. Unfortunately, there were too many gizmos and entertainments in his house, which did a great job in making us play and chat around for the most of the period, instead of discussing on the details about the project.

Our rendezvous was planned at 10:30am. Most of us arrived on time, and we walked over to his house. There, we

1. hanged around in his house for a while, talking and chattering about various, unrelated to the culture festival subjects.
2. while some of us were playing on the Playstation, others created a mailing list, which we plan on using for communication.
3. invented and cooked ourselve lunch, from the ingredients we gather around in the supermarket.
4. began making specific plans and date for the shootout of two of our projects.
5. continued on chit-chatting after Mina left, and Reeko came.
6. left his house at 17:00pm.

At least, we were able to make our plans for our first shootout, as seen here in number 4. Also, I hope the mailing list will act out as a connector between us and the other classmates...we are always looking forward for your participation, class! lol

One last thing. It is final that these guys are going to come over on the 30th for the fireworks. Their visit is titled, "Culture Festival Meeting 1' ", which is mainly for an entertaining purpose. I hope these meetings will increase our solidarity and friendship...of course, it will! :)


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