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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Today was our filming for one of our culture festival projects. The project is still confidential among us, so I will not write anything specific, but Tatsuro...what a wonderful job. You're the best! lol Well, not just him...everyone. Thank you for your participation on a hot day like today! I think we were able to take the footages necessary for the editing.

We were planning on editing in the Fujisawa City Library. But there was this large, analog, and boxy machine in the editing room there, and we weren't able use the tape we used to take our footages. One of the books placed in that room was dated '89. It seems like we are about the same age. lol Because of this incident, we went back to school, and reserved the editing machine in our school. From this, we are meeting again on the 6th to start editing in earnest.

I usually never "go back to school" in a case like this, meaning that I normally don't pay for anything wasteful like this. But today, I actually went back to school after we found out. Although these expenses may be
apparently wasteful, they weren' least for today. After we reserved the editing PC, we chatted in the library lobby until it's closure. It was entertaining, and it definately was worth the bus fee. Oh yeah, throughout the day, the "lively girl" with the scooter was' s quite a rare existiance in our world of 2004. lol

p.s. Tomorrow is the quiz rally! We'll do our best. lol


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