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Saturday, July 31, 2004


The aftermath of last night's fireworks haven't burnt out yet...I can't type it into words, but it was just GREAT! From what I see in everyone's blogs, the project seemed favorble. I even found 2 similarities in everyone's blogs. lol My schedule today was turned though; I was "free" most of the day, and went to dinner at night. The reason for quotes is because I'm not supposed to be free...I should be working on the thesis. lol The food was delicious.

I was watching the Asia Cup soccer with my family after we came home. The game was sooooo irritating!!! I'm not really a soccer fan, therefore I probably lack the right to criticize the players, but it was like..."Why can't you just score on a chance like that!?". The game ended with a score of 1-1, and it was given additional 30 min. for extension. By nature, the Japanese team should've finished off the game by scoreing during the extension, but they were not able to make a decisive move, which brought the game to penalty kicks.

The Japanese team missed the first 2 kicks...they actually SLIPPED physically. I thought they ran too much prior to the kick. Why couldn't they just kicked normally into the goal, with some fainting perhaps? The kick would've been much more accurate. The Jordanian team on the other hand, goaled the first two, and the Japanese team was on the edge. Luckily, we were able to score 3 in a row, and the keeper Kawaguchi blocked all of the Jordanian attempts. Then, both teams missed the first sudden death kick, and on the 2nd attempt, Japan scored, Jordan missed, and as a result, Japan was somehow able to move on.

The lack of decisive moves has been the main target of criticizms against the Japanese team. Although the director has changed, it hasn't yet improved. Is it our nationality...very likely. Let's call it "Okunigara", in Japanese....perfect word, eh?


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