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Thursday, August 12, 2004

day 4

Fourth day. I'm beginning to notice how difficult it is to write about a vacance trip. When you're in a resort area like Bali, your brain starts to turn into something similar to filling of a durian, nice and smushy. The trip yesterday has exhausted our family, so my family happened to wake up at 8, which was comparably later than the days before.

We had brunch after we woke up, and by my sister's request, pool frenzy had begun again. Actually, today was kinda like "sports day". Besides pool, I played patter golf and tennis with my family. First, everyone except my mom, went to the pool. Mom, went to the spa again, while my dad and sis were playing inside the pool. I, as shown on the photo above,(!?) was bathing in sunshine, manufacturing Vitamin D in my skin. The UV ray was a bit too strong...I think I burnt myself a little too harshly.

After spending 3 hours by the poolside, we played patter golf. Patter golf may seem easy, flat, and boring from the normal images generating from the word, but the course there was very...realistic. There were hills, bunkers, fairways, roughs, trees...and so on. I thought the course was a bit too complicated to go through just with the patter club in your hand. There were full 18 holes to the course, and the course was very fun to go through, although the PAR scores set for the holes were a bit too difficult to match up.

Then, the tennis. After retiring the tennis club, I have not even touched my My skills which were low from the beginning with the lack of practice added on, the result was disasterous. So I'll skip this part. lol

We went to this seafood restraunt by the Jimbaran Bay, outside the hotel for dinner, and had lobsters there. The seasoning was very simple, but since the material was nice and fresh, it was delicious. From the beach, we were able to see the Milky Way, which is invisible from the light and pollusion in the Kanto region, and the Southern Cross, which only visible from the Southern Hemisphere. The Scorpio with its main star, Antares was beautiful too. That wraps up the story today...


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