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Saturday, August 21, 2004

another day of editing

Please refer to the title and the blogs in the past for a loose outline of today's activities. Went to school, edited some more culture festival footages there, had usual. We are about 99% finished with 1 of the clips with transitions, captions, and sound effects inserted, and about 75% finished with the other 2 we have already taken. I'm pretty sure that our class is the closest to completion at this point. After we had lunch in Shonandai, we went over to Mikito's house to retake one of the scene needed for the clip. Upon successful take, I left his house with other two people who had to leave.

The way home from Shonandai was disasterous. The Yokosuka Line AND the Tokaido Line were both delayed from an accident involving someone. I had to wait for over 30 min. at Totsuka sta...oh please. It took me approximately 2 hours to get home...damn the dead guy.

Also, using the waiting time resulting from the preview feature in the Premiere, I shared my thesis with one of the members today. She pointed out a fault in my thesis, which I vaguely had in my mind. I was concerned about it seriously for a while, but now I think I've found a solution to it. Thank you very much for the indication.

I've told everyone who were at the site of editing today that the tomorrow's weather is cloudy with a chance of rain, with a precipitation rate of 50%. Well, as you can see above, it seems like it's not going to rain tomorrow after all. Have a wonderful time, everyone!


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