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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Friday, September 03, 2004

chased and caught

Majority of my classmates and I gathered together a bit prior to Back-To-School today to shoot our original "manhunt" kinda game we are planning on using for the Culture Festival. Reunions are nice, no matter how long the interval is. I've noticed some people changed, while some remained just the same. Some people lightened their hair color, while some had dimmed theirs. Yes, in an event like this, it is my habit to snap pics for use in this blog, but today's pics may violate some rights, so I'll eschew, but I would REALLY REALLY like to post this pic of a dialect researcher, who just doesn't look right with sunglasses on. Opinions are always welcome. lol

My role was the "bad guy", whose crime is yet to be chosen. Along with other two "bad guys", I was chased by the whole class, wearing a black parka, black jeans, sunglasses, black shoes, holding a video camera. How suspicious can that be? I was actually suspected by one of the embarassing! Well, I was caught because of an incident that happened while the game was going on...bummer. lol

The appointment I booked with Mr. Aoyagi went surprisingly smooth and well, and I think I was able to obtain some useful and logical advices from him, since he seemed to be in a good mood today. Lucky me. As a result, I've made the others wait for 56 min., and the black clip I bought from the urgency didn't mean much, since he didn't accept my work today. But my thesis is at it's final stage. Thank God.

And, on our way home...their seems to be a Kamakura hiking plan in the works, planned on the 7th. I Ruis are supposed to be wrapping up their theses, while II Ruis are supposed to be studying their physics, prepareing for the upcoming test. But, I'm really buying the plan! Am I wrong in anyway? lol


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