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Saturday, August 28, 2004


It's impossible to concentrate, especially on the economic chapter, which is a factor I'm not really interested in my thesis. So for some reason, I've decided to research a bit on "mineral water" and it's hardness. The pic shows the contents of our second fridge, which is mainly used to store beverages, and currently, it is filled with this water called "Courmayeur".

There is this index which exists in all kind of mineral waters that are out in the market today. It shows the total amount of Ca and Mg included in 1 liter of that water, and is called it's hardness. The more mineral the water includes, more "harder" that water is. Water taken from Japanese springs, and Japanese tap waters are considered soft, while water from Western nations and the States in most cases, are hard. The Japanese tends to favor soft water...I like hard water though, at least for drinking. lol


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