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Thursday, August 26, 2004

off to sea

As a great finale of the summer, I visited Ikspiari and the place shown above with...let's say "someone special". The reported forecast today was cloudy with a chance of rain, but sunshine was visible throughout the day, and my distrust against the Meteorlogical Agency is larger than ever before. Please refrain from asking "What on Earth are "Ichi-Rui" students doing in Tokyo Disney Sea on August 26th?", because the only answer I'm going to give out is "Who cares, when things are way funner?" lol

The reason why we visited Ikspiari along with the Disney Sea, is to watch the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11". What a mismatch, but the movie was funny at some part, and said things which were very conceivable.

Well, here's the list of today's "harvest".

One wrong weather forecast,
One presentation of the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11",
One ride on the "Indiana Jones",
One ride on gondola,
Three rides on the "Center of the Earth",
One performance of "Braviseamo",
One perfomance of "Disney's Magic in the Sky",
One ride on the "Aquatopia",
4 hours and 5 minutes of waiting time,


a priceless day, filled with wonderful experiences, memories and A LOT of chatting. :-)


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