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Monday, September 06, 2004

curiousity killed the cat. what about moms? jk

Recently, my mother seems to be interested about my relationships, between both guys and girls. Well, it is adolescence period, and I do go to a co-ed educational institution. But being a type of guy, who tends to keep relationships, especially "private" and "semi-private" ones to myself, this can get really annoying. She comes in to my room, takes a peek at my MSN screen, points out at all of the members listed there, and asks me who that person is, after comfirming his or her sex. May I have some privacy, for God's sake...but I think I do have the minimum duty of informing her about the people I hang out with, so I do tell her some facts, sometimes, after a whole lot of blurring and zig-zagging. She's especially interested in my "personal" relationships, whatever that is. I've been hiding it from my parents for quite a while now, but the strong "women's sense" my mother has is sencing it quite clearly. Has the time for explanation came?

Now, my sister's genes probably inherited her ability. She does exactly the same thing my mom does, and asks me who he or she I'm having a conversation with...NOW THAT IS ANNOYING!!!


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