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Monday, November 08, 2004


Why are there grown ups in Japan, reading comic books targeted for teen audiences, such as "Weekly Jump" or "Young Magazine" during train rides? I'm posting this from my cell phone, but I'm currently seeing 3 grown ups reading those. Yeah, when I'm using the term "grown up" here, I'm pointing out at guys who are in their late 20s and early 30s, but personally, I think high schoolers are the limit of carring around those "entertainment", consisting of pictures, drawn on colorful recycled paper.

For me, who went abroad before knowing "manga", lived in a place where no other Japanese lived, and only read "Black Jack" that my parents owned, I can't find any values toward manga. In my opinion, they are short-living entertainment; you only read them once, because you'll find out the outcome in that first reading. I know, the quality of the drawing used is really high, but it's kind of the reason why Japanese culture consisting of video game, manga, and anime is being looked down from some countries. Well, Japanese video games are indeed popular abroad, especially in the States, and there are a lot of hardcore manga/anime fans abroad too. Oh, there's another guy carrying "Weekly Jump" with him, coming on from Ofuna Station. He looks like he's around 35...


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