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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Friday, November 05, 2004


Tomorrow's our "bunkasai", or Culture Festival when translated. I've been working really hard on it, ever since it's beginning to make our project a success. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow would be our judgement day for our efforts we've put in it. Our project is impossible to operate, when there aren't enough people participating in it. That's the demerit of "participating type projects" like ours, compared to "seeing type projects" like a play for example.

This year's theme is "Ripple". For your reference, 3 years ago, when I was still an outsider, the theme was "
ai", which can be translated to "love" or "I" or "eye", depending on your interpretation. 2 years ago, it was "Infinity". Last year, it was "Zero". I am and I'd always been impressed of the sense of the posters made for our Culture Festivals. Aren't they cool? lol Last year's poster had a computer GUI motifed.

Anyway, I'm currently in bad mood. Why? I'm not gonna tell you. Ha-ha. No, actually it's nothing open enough to write about here in the open cyberspace, where everyone can make access here. Especially, people in my school. Besides, no one's going to feel pleasant reading it, because it would really be complaint-like. Too bad.


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