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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


It seems as though I tend to favor "design-oriented" things. My value toward products is based on design, more than it's specification or performance...of course, it would be best if both of these elements are bundled in products which I think are cool, but these cases are rare. Recently, Vodafone announced that they would release a handset manufactured by a Finnish phone company called Nokia. My antenna reacted aggressively towards it's design; it's ergonomic-based, curvy design, and it's straight type, unlike all of those clamshell type phones that are out in the market today...irresistable. Unfortunately, it's features don't live up to the Japanese standards. To accept the demerit, or not? This is the question that is asked over and over again inside my head, whenever I encounter an attractive product, such as this one.

Among these "design-oriented" products I own, I love my umbrella; I totally adore it! It's called "Skyumbrella", and it's a product made by the world-famous MoMA, or the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City. Fortunately, it's features are cool too. Not only that it has a picture of blue sky drawn inside, it closes automatically with a touch of a button! Quite useful, really. There's a larger version available, but it doesn't open automatically. That's the reason why I always carry around the portable "Skyumbrella", instead of normal sized ones.

My next target is an alarm clock, designed by this world famous designer called Phillippe Starck. This product has great features, along with it's slick, "Stark" design. The only demerit that exists in this product is its cost. Like all other design oriented products, its pricey. Also, there's this earphones I've wanted for a long time, from this Dannish audio manufacturer called Bang & Olufsen. It's really cool, but pricey...there's still a long way left for me until these goals. Bummer. lol


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