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Monday, October 18, 2004

the step test...continued

I edited the video footage were using for the Culture Festival ALONE for the first time after school today. Yeah, the process was really monotonous, and...kinda lonely too, considering the fact that there were a lot of people present, whenever we did editings in the past. I was able to clear my norm for today, by fixing and adjusting the video clip that did not show the way we intended it to on TV screens. I moved the captions, adjusted the volume, unified the font, added the ending, and finalized it into a file, all alone today. Oh well, at least some of my classmates came over to check me out after their foreign language classes...which really delighted me, sort of.

The society that is in charge of "eiken" tests posted the answer flash on to their website at 1 pm today. I printed it out right after it appeared, and self-checked my answers I kept on the problem booklet after I came home. Writing composition part of level 1 "eiken" test I took yesterday was worth 28 points, out of 113 points total. Since there's no way I can grade my own essay right now, I checked how much of the other problems I was able to get correctly.

Result was 67 points out of 85 points that problems other than the essay problem accounted for. This is about 79% of the 85 points, which is of course, above the 70% line necessary for the pass. I did better than I thought, considering the fact that I didn't study at all prior to the test, besides buying the textbook as a camoflage. lol All I need is 12 or more points out of 28 points the essay takes.

Good luck, me! lol


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