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Friday, October 08, 2004

day 1 out of 4

I had a nice day off from school today, which I assume is what most of the people in my school had done today with the rain and stuff. A day off, is kind of a day where incidents do not occur, so...I can't think up of anything important or interesting enough to write here about the day.

The school notified that school is closed, because of the typhoon. Well, the school had taken actions awfully quick this time. I mean...too quick. The projected landing time of the Typhoon Ma-on is around 6 PM tomorrow. aren't we dismissed at six? Now, I have 4 continuous days off
from school in my hands with nothing to do. I had things planned to do after school tomorrow, but obviously they're cancelled, now that school's gone. Like I've written here before, what is with this extreme gap generated in my school? I am either too busy, or too free. Last week was hellishly hectic. This week, we're Modern people stink at creating leisure, like the guy we learned about last year in our Japanese class said.

I guess I'm going to have to restart working on my thesis then...

Another concern. My father's supposed to depart Japan for his business trip to New York tomorrow. I envy him so badly, since autumn is one of the best seasons in the North-Eastern United States. Nice weather, cool temperature, red and yellow mountains, halloween...enough reasons? Unfortunately, now that the typhoon is approaching, his schedule is unclear. Is he going to be able to depart tomorrow? Of course I'm longing for his safe departure, but at the same time...this sense of jealousy is spurting inside me. lol


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