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Thursday, October 07, 2004

sports festival

Today was my school's 12th Annual Sports Festival. First of all, the fact that I dislike Sports Festivals ever since preschool didn't make me produce enough motivation necessary to heat myself up for the event. It was just a day out in the sun for me, getting the ultraviolet rays from A to C beamed all over myself, including my eyes from the beginning to the end. My eyes are all red and swollen from the sunburn...the color of the dirt spreaded onto our school's ground probably reflect more UV rays than the normal, brown dirts. I can probably say that my eyes are weak against the UV ray, unlike my skin. My skin is stronger what most people would imagine from my appearance, even though it was not strong enough to withstand the intense sunshine in Bali. lol

Anyway, why are sunglasses only seen as a fashion item in this country? They are very effective when you want to protect your eyes from the sun. Of course, Japanese people's irises contain more melanin than the blue and the green eyes of caucaisians, but ultraviolet rays are harmful against everyone. I can guarantee you that if I had my sunglasses on today at the site of the Sports Festival, the teachers' would've have grounded me, and could've gave me a detention afterwards or something. That's how sunglasses are treated here. A great tool, but it hasn't gotten the evaluation it deserves, yet.


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