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Monday, October 04, 2004

nothing to write about

Hi. As you can see from the title, I have nothing to write here. I don't remember recognizing today as a tedious day, or me being fed up of the day, but I conjecture that it just wasn't memorable enough to be stated here. The STEP Eiken Test is upcoming, even though I haven't began the preparation at all. Are my current English skills enough to satisfy the Level 1 criterions? If not, I should begin working hard RIGHT NOW. Work, work, work, work, work!

Oh, I was surprised about this thing today. French class students have their 6th and 7th periods off on Mondays, so like I always do, I joined Yuki and Takayuki after we were dismissed, to head home together. Out from curiosity, I asked Takayuki when he started living in Britain. The answer that came back was "5th grade", which surprised me greatly, since I always admired his superior English skills, and had always imagined a longer span, like 10 years.

When I lived in the States, Japanese kids having their first oversea experiences at older ages, were having miserable times in the local schools there, locked up in ESL classes, and not being able to catch up academically, especially English. Takayuki too, flashbacked today about the difficult times he had in his school. I lived abroad for 6 years from 1st grade, so I assume I have more fluency,
my vocabularies are insufficient. What are the ways to increase my repertory efficiently? Newspapers? Books? Yeah, those two are the solutions probably...

p.s. Today's photo is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building with its illumination; the one that I mentioned yesterday!


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