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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Typhoons. Why are they so misbehaving? They always come near the Kanto region during night, make the Meteorlogical Agency give out warnings after we arrive at school, and bring along all that moisture and humidity for souvenir. As you can see from the predicted route above, it is most unlikely that school is going to close tomorrow. Bummer.

However, as wind and rain continue becoming stronger as time advances, worst scenario is blinking with a reddish color inside my mind continuously. The train line I usually take to school, Yokosuka Line is really delicate against natural threats. Especially, the Ofuna-Kurihama section always closes in occasions like this. So, I may just be late for school, miss out the classes, need to fill out those crappy forms, have to use my physical and mental strength to reach SCHOOL, blah...blah...etc. If Yokosuka Line stops tomorrow morning, I swear I'm not going to make an attempt to reach school. I SWEAR. Wish me luck.


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