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Sunday, September 19, 2004

tour de tokyo

Autumn Equinox's a time of the year when everyone makes a visit to their ancestors, and we weren't an expection. We drove to our cemetary in Setagaya a bit prior to Autumn Equinox Day today.

That was just one part of my trip. After the visit was finished, we drove up the Route 246 to Shibuya to eat lunch, and do stuff. The weird thing was...there were people in CENTRAL SHIBUYA, carrying around a "Omikoshi", a traditional Japanese carriage kinda thing, blocking the major streets there. Okay...our destination was the Tokyu Department Store, but since the Bunkamura St. and Dougenzaka St. were closed, we had to go left, right, up and down multiple times to get there. Everyone in my family were really pissed off...why are they opening up a festival in Shibuya, a place where flows after flows of people comes rushing in whether they like it or not? Besides, festivals are soooo mismatching.

After lunch, we were planning on seeing the Guggenheim Exibition there; however, we found out that there only were 79 paintings shown there, so we judged that it wasn't worth the price. My mom and I saw the actual thing in New York already anyway. So, we did some shopping in the department store, and after that, we drove my grandfather to his house.

That's about it...oh, for some reason, my father took the wrong turn somewhere, which brought us out to the Haneda Airport. The new terminal there were nearing it's completin.


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