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Sunday, September 12, 2004

season 8 is here!

The fact that I've reslept 4 times today has screwed up my plans, along with the appearance of my mother's friends, which is making the 1st floor inaccessible. I guess I'll just have to return those books from the Prefectural Library on Tuesday then.

I've been collecting DVDs of the popular sitcom
"FRIENDS", ever since this year began, and I currently own the American version of the Seasons 1-7 DVD collection, and the Finale DVD. Purchasing of these DVDs were done on the online retailer, of the States, which means I'm personally importing these DVDs to Japan. The last purchase was done in April, right after the Season 7 Collection was released in the States. Even since then, I've not been able to watch any new episodes in the Season 8, because I just don't feel like paying 300 yen per disc in Tsutayas here, when you can buy them just by adding little addtional money on

I've been lending these DVDs to some "FRIENDS" favoring people. Yesterday on MSN, I chatted with one of the people I'm currently lending my DVDs to, and because of that, "FRIENDS" was the topic between me and her. From this conversation, I was curious on whether or not the Season 8 Collection was released in the States. I went over to, typed in "FRIENDS Season 8" on the search thing...there it was, although it still was in the pre-order stage. The planned release date seemed to be November 9th or something...oh, great. Right before the "Achievement Test". I'm going to buy it anyway though. I've already used about $250 to collect the DVDs I already have, and there only are 3 more seasons left to complete the collection. Season 8 starrs Brad Pitt, and Sean Penn as guest stars. Interesting. Anyway, why can't they release them more steadily?


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