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Saturday, September 11, 2004

"1984" has arrived?

I've watched the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" in August, and had been watching the documentary that was airing on television up until now, because of my interests toward the tragic incident that happened on this day, 3 years ago. From the information coming in from these sources, I'm beginning to see some similarities between the United States, and the totalitarian nation Oceania in George Orwell's novel, "1984".

Of course, they are not "exactly" the same, but the tactics the American Govenment is using to keep its citizens under control is quite similar to the methods The Party is using to keep their people under control in Oceania.

For example, the use of war. The American govenment is repeating that the "War Against Terror" is continuing, even though they have declared that major combat operations in Iraq had ended. The Party in "1984", like the current American Govenment, is always saying that their nation is in war with one of the two superpowers in their world. In America's case, both the positive and the negative informations are being reported to the American people, but from what I've heard, the information is most likely censored. Also, I believe that the manipulation of history and evidences is another similarity. Most of the liable evidences of 9-11 had been collected by the FBI, and their also is, or possibly, are cases of a possible evidence manipulation.

Is the negative utopia that George Orwell wrote in 1948 becoming a reality? I believe it is, but in a more ingenious format. This can be said on all things, but having a single superpower that is able to dominate the whole market definately brings negative effects on everyone outside of that superpower. But from what I see now, there is nothing in our world today that can stand up to the United States both military wise, and economic wise...where is our world heading today? Is tomorrow going to be a better day? The future still lies in the mist...


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