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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


In today's blog, I'm going to wrap up my summer. Yay!...NOT. While most of the high school seniors are studying their guts out by attending summer cram school classes 10 hours a day, in preparation for the university entrance exams, I was playing around throughout the summer this year. If you continue on reading this blog from July 20th, you'll probably be able to loosely understand the fun I had this summer, which is of course, indescribable by words.

Logical explanations are unnecessary for good relationships. I don't understand why and how I got together with these great 6F folks, but they sure are all began from the first culture festival meeting in July at Mikito's, and then the fireworks, numerous video shootings and editings, followed by the quiz tournament. It temporarily concluded today at my house. Of course, we'll see each other everyday starting tomorrow in 6F, but the perspective would probably differ from the ones used during the summer. I'll do my best in maintaining this priceless relationship...even if we get separated when we all advance to university next year.

Not just the 6F folks, but I was able to spend a fabulous time with my family in Bali too. I can't leave that day at Tokyo Disney Sea out also...although I'll keep that mostly to myself. lol

I guess my plan to create the best summer ever has suceeded and well too. Today marks the end of my last summer vacation as a high school student, but I'll keep these great memories within my heart, and on the internet here(lol) and use it as the motive power to do my best at school in the second semester. For now, my goal is a month long endurance. I can't wait till the Kamakura Revenge, and Sweet Potato Digging that are planned ahead! lol


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