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Friday, September 10, 2004

freedom of mobile access

This morning, I was on the subway platform of Totsuka Sta.. There, as I always do, I took a peek at my handset's subdisplay to confirm what time it was then. The display showed something that hadn't showed up was notifying me the existance of the radio signal there. With doubt, I tried confirming wherther I had any new mail or not in the Mail Center. The connection was really nice and smooth, which proved that the area coverage improved today on the Yokohama Municipal Subway. Up until yesterday, the antenna thingy always showed kengai or "out of area" on all of the subway stations I go through on my way to school. But starting today, FOMA phones are usable on all of the stations between Shonandai and Totsuka, although the press release from DoCoMo is not yet listed on their website. Yay! lol

Being a FOMA user ever since 2002, I've been watching how radio wave and battery life had improved over the past 2 years. In those days, FOMA was a useless piece of crap, which stunk at every task you could imagine of. Unsendable mails, areas without radio signal, short battery life...the elements necessary for a user friendly cell phone lacked. FOMA stands for "freedom of mobile access", which ironically was totally not true from the loose area coverage then. The only reason why I was able to endure those user pissing technological disadvantages was that it was my first cell phone, and I was able to give up by saying to myself that cell phone technologies are like that from the beginning. But now with the new 900i series, FOMA is becoming the mainstream line of DoCoMo's handset lineups. I would like to believe that my efforts answering all those enquetes and questions had helped improve the service in


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