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Monday, September 13, 2004

the group of sighs

I'm feeling sick. I think I've caught, or am catching a cold. A minor headache, and a whole lot of sneezing. The origin? Definately the MSN, from someone who had previously been suffering from a cold herself, which was also bundled with a headache. Now people are actually able to transmit cold germs along with viruses over the internet. The advancement of the IT technologies are impressive! jk

Sneezing was not the kind of symptom that came along with my colds in the past. My normal cold symptoms consisted of temperature, headache, and chills. I'm actually sneezing nowadays, in exchange for a drop in possibility of fevers. All that sneezing had exhausted my jaws and the corresponding organs surrounding it, and I don't feel like talking "orally" now.

With a runny nose, I edited after school with my 6F gangs. The computers behaved awful. Compability was a big issue, and the Premiere vomitted out the file we worked on for 3 hours, making it unreadible. This had accerarated my cold's progress, simultaneously making everyone melancholic. Nevertheless, the good news was that we were able to complete one of our video footage, with transitions, sound effects, and the bgm inserted. Hooray! :)

After editing, I had a crave for sweets from the exhaustion, I guess...which brought all of us, including Chihiro to Denny's in Shonandai for some sweets, although we all ended up eating the "Yoru Denny" dinner course. Some positive happenings occured there, making everyone a bit joyful, and happier. I had the big sundae shown on the pic for dessert. What a mismatch...I can't believe I actually paid additional 210 yen for an upgrade. lol

Even though the first half of the day was awful, the fun time I had after school had wiped away all of the mental negative factors away. Now, I would like to let the medication do the wipe out of the physical negativeness. Let the fight begin!


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