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Thursday, September 23, 2004

"kamakura field trip"

The usual folks gathered together to do some "field tripping" in Kamakura today. Weather was like summer, but it also had the scent of autumn. What's more, the weather remained stable throughout the day, again, without the interference of rainfall. Thank God. The photo here was taken from Shichirigahama beach. I think you'll be able to spot the Enoden train running on the bridge.

Our route
Fujisawa Sta. - (Enoshima) - Kamakura High School Sta. - Shichirigahama - 7-11 Shichirigahama - First Kitchen Shichirigahama - Route 134 - Inamuragasaki - Hase Sta. - Koutokuin Temple(The Great Buddha) - Zeniarai Benzaiten Shirine - Genjiyama Park - Imakoji - Komachi St. - Kamakura Sta.

After I came home, I measured the distance we walked today. It turned out to be about 9km. Wow, I'm really surprised. Another thing that surprised me today was the time. We decided to forget about time today. When we finally checked the time at Kamakura Sta., the clock was striking 5:30. Time flies when people are enjoying themselves...yeah, I didn't have to check the time to know that though. It was really enjoyable, with a lot of happenings. These gatherings are becoming our weekly custom. What are we going to do next? I


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