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Monday, September 20, 2004


There was this thing I recollected today.

I hate internet.

I'm not pointing out to every single thing that consists the word internet, but what people calls internet in a narrow know, the things you do on browsers. Basically, I'm not a websurfer, which may differ from the normal image people has on me. I have rather limited amount of sites I see daily, and I don't exploitate that often either. Especially, the anonymous chacracter the internet gives to people is the part I dislike the most...this certain BBS community in Japan, I assume is the best example. There, morons insult each other, just from the images they obtain from the words that person uses on a BBS. How can you define, or judge people on the internet? The main thing I use that uses the internet technology is the messenger, and I only chat with people whom I actually know.

As blogs and social networking services are becoming more and more popular here in Japan, I have concerns over them being implanted here. A lot of these services originated in the States, a country where population density is much lower, and people don't go out alone often into public. Japan, on the other hand, most people goes out into public, alone, on a daily basis, and 25% of the population lives within 100km radius of Tokyo.

Let's say someone threatened to kill you on a guestbook of your website. The reality those words give you is much, much higher here than in the States. The possibility of you actually encountering that person here is way higher, while in the States, that person who has threatened you could live in Alaska, while you live in Florida or something.

The internet techonology has its positive side, but its negative side is much more conspicuous, at least to me. In my opinion, Arashis done over the internet is the most definitive evidence that human nature is bad....yes, I support the view that humans are born evil. Last year's class's BBS is the best example...why do people think up of these stupid messages to leave on BBSs and blogs? I just don't understand, now that I've matured to a certain level.


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