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Monday, September 27, 2004

appointed minister

Koizumi Cabinet was reshuffled today, as everyone probably heard already on the news, or elsewhere. Some new posts were set upon this reshuffle, and a lot of new faces joined the cabinet along with the familiar ones. After I came home today, someone mailed me, congratuating "me" entering the cabinet. At the first sight, I was like "What on Earth are you talking about?". However, after I checked the cabinet members' listing, I was able to understand the meaning of that mail easily.

There's this guy whose name is exactly the same, except for the Kanji in a post called the "Minister of State for Finalcial Services". In the Japanese listing, the name is not as noticable, but in the English listing posted on the Prime Minister's Office website, it looks as though I'm the new minister.
Ha, funny isn't it?


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