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Sunday, October 03, 2004

tokyo tower

Tokyo Tower was illuminated pink along with the Kobe Port Tower and Akashi Straits Bridge today as a part of breast cancer enlightenment campaign. This photo shows how the Tokyo Tower appeared during the last year's campaign. This landmark of Tokyo has changed it's color numerous times in past on special occations.

In 2001, Tokyo Tower was illuminated white as a part of an electronic manufacturer's energy saving campaign. In 2002, the tower was lightened up to blue, as an encouragement for the Japanese National Team during the FIFA World Cup. In 2003, the tower was turned green along with Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, in order to promote the movie, "Matrix Reloaded". As an annual event, Tokyo Tower is imitated into a "candle" on Christmas Eve and Christmas Days, which I was lucky enough to spot myself last year.

When I lived in the States, the Empire State Building had a similar illumination, with more variation. On normal days, the colors cycled around irregularly, but on special days, the illumination used colors which were related to that day. For example on 4th of July, the tower turned red, white and blue. On the opening day of the U.S. Open, the tower turned yellow and red. I favored the change I saw from the New Jersey Turnpike, and it was my daily routine to check out that day's color.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building restarted it's illumination recently. These illuminations give citiy skylines additional flavors, which is a kind of thing I feel good seeing. I wonder what color the Tokyo Tower is turned to, next time I visit Tokyo.


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